If you need to cancel an appointment for any reason, we request that you contact us as far in advance of your appointment as possible to allow us adequate time to update our schedule.  We ask that clients keep in mind that we may have turned away others in need of service; at the same time, we understand that even our clients’ best-made plans can change because unforeseen circumstances can arise.

Cancellations that are made 4 hours or more in advance will not incur any service fees and the client can expect to receive a full credit towards future service needs. Any cancellation made less than four hours but at least 30 minutes prior to a scheduled visit will result in a $10 service charge. In the event that the client fails to cancel a previously scheduled appointment at least 30 minutes before our scheduled visit, we will charge for the entire visit as we will not have been given ample time to adjust our schedule and may have already been en-route to the client ‘s location. Should a client fail to cancel their appointment before we arrive at their location, we will consider the services that were requested as having been completed and will charge for the entire visit.

Invoicing & Payments

We require a 50% payment in advance of our first engagement for new clients with the balance due upon completion of the engagement. Established clients not covered by multi-visit packages are invoiced weekly.  Multi-visit packages are billed completely in advance of the first scheduled walk for each package; clients receive a discount off of our standard rates in exchange for prepurchasing and paying in advance for each bundle of walks. 

All invoices are sent via email and are due upon receipt by the client. Any invoice that is not paid within five working days of the invoice date will be assessed a service charge equal to 3% of the invoice total.

We process payments via our secure site via Visa, Master Card, or American Express.


ESP PET SPECIALISTS LLC does NOT give refunds for service packages and bundles, individual dog walks or any other service.  The dollar value of any services not used by the client shall remain available to the client to use as a store credit towards any future service needs.  We do not require that our clients use their prepurchased services within a maximum time frame; these along with store-credits do not expire.

We will provide a refund to a client for any service that they are not satisfied with provided they have given us ample opportunity to review with them any concerns or dissatisfaction that they have with our service so that we can do everything in our power to satisfy the client.  If however after a good-faith effort on the part of both parties we are unable to resolve any issues, a refund will then be granted provided that the customer is displeased with the quality of our service and not simply canceling prepurchased services that they have decided are no longer desired.

In the event that unforeseen and extenuating circumstances arise that cause the client to cancel services that they already purchased if the client can’t reasonably be expected to use whatever credit remains on their account towards future services then ESP PET SPECIALISTS LLC reserves the right to waive our standard practice of not issuing refunds.  Any decision by ESP PET SPECIALISTS LLC to waive the refund policy will be made on a case-by-case basis at its sole discretion.

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