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Private Pet Boarding

Is Boarding Your Dog at a Kennel the Best Option?

When you must leave your fur baby overnight, are you torn over bringing him or her to a traditional boarding facility? While a stay at one of the reputable dog kennels in NJ can be a positive experience for some dogs, many end up struggling. Even the higher-end commercial facilities can be stressful for your pooch. Thankfully, there’s an alternative: private pet boarding in the comfort of home!

If your pup does not like spending time in a strange, noisy, and possibly frightening environment, boarding him or her at a kennel probably isn’t the best option. Such environments can promote anxiety in even the calmest dogs. The kennel is also far from ideal for pups that are not well-socialized with other dogs. Finally, some kennels have age restrictions or spaying/neutering requirements. That means even if your furry friend loves the hustle and bustle at traditional boarding facilities, he or she may not actually be allowed to stay there. In all of these scenarios, private pet boarding is typically the better option.

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ESP Pet Specialists Can Help Alleviate Their Stress, Thereby Reducing Your Stress!

Your pup may be able to thrive in a traditional commercial boarding facility. Many pet owners choose them for the quality care they provide. However, some dogs can develop anxiety in these environments. If you’re struggling to find the right kennel or you’re worried such a facility will stress out your pooch, private pet boarding may be the answer. With private boarding, your dog gets a vacation, too!

What Do Private Pet Boarding Services Include?

During private pet boarding, your pup stays in one of our caring staff member’s homes as the only guest. Before the booking, we’ll discuss the dog’s routine, health, and temperament. This will ensure we gain a comprehensive understanding of Fluffy or Fido’s needs, so we can match him or her with the best Pet Specialist for the job.

Then, for the duration of your pup’s stay, you can be sure he or she will get:

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  • Around-the-clock care provided by a registered home partner with pet care training
  • Personalized attention (and lots of love!)
  • Regular exercise
  • Frequent bathroom breaks
  • Any required medication as prescribed
  • Daily brushing
  • Regular meals and the careful maintenance of any dietary restrictions

Private Pet Boarding Means Your Best Friend Will Be the Only Guest

If you board your pup with ESP Pet Specialists, he or she will get to stay with a loving member of our staff and will always be the only guest. Only dogs from the same pack (i.e. “family”) stay with the same Pet Specialist.

Before your trip, we’ll arrange a free Meet & Greet so you, your dog(s), and the host family can get acquainted. Then, while your pooch is staying with us, you can expect to receive a daily photo journal, which will show just how well your fur baby is being taken care of by the Pet Specialist. Your pup will have an amazing stay, and you’ll get peace of mind.

Benefits of Using Our Private Dog Boarding in Northern NJ

  • Your dog will be under the constant supervision of a caring and trained Pet Specialist.
  • Your dog will not be exposed to dogs outside his or her own home and, consequently, will not be at risk of getting fleas or infections like kennel cough.
  • You will receive regular photo updates about your pup’s stay.
  • You can remain in regular contact with the individual who is directly caring for your dog.
  • In case of emergency, backup coverage will always be available.
  • Every stay is personally tailored to meet your pet’s unique needs.
  • Every stay takes place in a comfortable home environment that does not promote anxiety.

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Personalized Care Options

Our Pet Specialists are equipped to enhance every pup’s stay with personalized add-ons that you may not find at traditional dog kennels in NJ. For example, we can include any or all of the following:

  • Special treats
  • Additional exercise time, like scenic hikes on dog-friendly trails
  • Skilled medication administration
  • The continuation of any ongoing training regimens
  • Grooming services
  • Activities that stimulate the brain
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Outdoor Play with our Pet Specialists

Playing outside on a regular basis contributes to the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of your pet. With that in mind, our Pet Specialists arrange for extended outdoor play whenever the weather permits. Many of our caregivers have spacious, fenced-in yards, and all of them take the dogs who stay with them on several walks a day, as long as it makes sense for the pup’s age, agility, and exercise needs.

Get Started

If you’re looking for private dog boarding in NJ, you’ve come to the right place. To get started, tell us a little about your pup by completing our Contact Form/Client Inquiry Form. After reviewing your information, we’ll reach out to confirm that we’ve got a Pet Specialist on staff who can meet your needs. In order to schedule a Meet & Greet, we want to know your dog’s age, breed, temperament, and any special requirements, like medical needs or dietary restrictions.

When Boarding Is Not an Option

Sometimes pets prefer the safety and comfort of their own home. If you feel your pup will have the best experience in this environment, our Pet Specialists are available for multiple drop-in visits per day while you’re away. This is a great arrangement for dogs that struggle with changes to their routine.

Regardless of which pet sitting service you end up using, you can count on all of the following:

  • A free initial Meet & Greet with your Pet Specialist
  • Convenient online scheduling and payment processing
  • A photo journal with itemized checklists logging the services performed each day or during each drop-in visit
  • Daily emails confirming each service
  • Backup coverage in the event of an emergency
  • Liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare my dog for staying at a boarding facility?

Make sure your dog’s vaccinations are up to date and that you are happy with the routine in place for your pet to maintain while you are away. You can also bring some of your pet’s favorite items along with them during the stay, as well as items that smell like you.

How can I ensure the safety and well-being of my dog while I’m away if I can’t be present?

Make sure to communicate your dog’s needs to your pet care provider. Then, check in often. At ESP Pet Specialists, for example, we send daily photo journals to our pet parents, so they can see an itemized list of all the services their dog is receiving, as well as proof of around-the-clock care. This helps put our clients at ease and ensures a stress-free trip for everyone.

Are there specialized boarding options for dogs with unique needs or medication requirements?

Our Pet Specialists are equipped to care for dogs with all kinds of needs. We will be happy to work with you to develop a personalized routine for your pup, so he or she thrives while you’re gone.

What should I do if my dog has separation anxiety and can’t handle being boarded in a traditional facility?

We would suggest trying private pet boarding services where your pup stays in a comfortable home and gets lots of human interaction on a daily basis. Ideally, your pup will be the only guest. If you have more than one dog, they will all stay together and remain the only guests in the home.

What are the alternatives to boarding your dog at a kennel?

If staying in a traditional kennel environment will cause anxiety for your pup, we recommend private pet boarding or drop-in visits. During private pet boarding, your dog stays with one of our Pet Specialists and is the only guest in their home. With daily drop-in visits, on the other hand, your pups get to stay at your own home.

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