COVID-19 Lockdown

Hello to our furry friends’ parents!

I would like to address the recent situation we all face with what is going on in the country, and around the world – about the Coronavirus.

ESP Pets plans on continuing all walks and cat sitting requests moving forward. I have spoken with all our pet specialists and everyone on our team is ready and willing to continue services to provide the best care for your furry kids. We want to work with our clients to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible during this unprecedented time. If any clients are worried about the risk of exposure to COVID-19, we have one idea that would minimize risk.

We will text you after arriving at your home so you can bring your dog outside instead of having us enter your home. Upon return, we will contact you again to come back outside and receive your dog.

If you have any other preferences or ideas, I would be happy to discuss them with you. I want to make clear that all of our walkers are taking extra care to remain healthy and that nobody on the ESP Pets team has reason to suspect exposure nor is anyone showing any symptoms. If anyone of us begins to have any symptoms at all, I will not send them to your home until they are evaluated by a qualified health care professional and determined to be free of the virus. We would also respectfully ask the same courtesy if the roles are reversed.

Finally, I would like to personally thank those clients who are continuing to have us care for their pets while they are home. It is this generosity that will keep us all going until we can return to normal. Every bit of business will help us continue to provide the care you have come to expect from us once we get back to our daily lives. We also totally understand those of you that decide it is best to hold off any walks for the time being.

We look forward to continuing (or resuming) visits for your fur babies.

Stay safe!

Best Regards,


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