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Leaving Town? 10 Reasons to Use a Professional Pet Sitting Service Instead of Calling in a Favor with a Friend

Whenever you leave town, are you torn between using a professional pet sitting service and asking a friend to watch your pets? While enlisting help from a loved one has its benefits—especially if they owe you a favor—hiring a professional is the way to go. Here are some of the biggest reasons why:

1. Professional pet sitters are insured and bonded.

If something happens to your dog—or if something happens to someone else because of your dog—while they are in the care of a professional pet sitter, you are not liable. Generally speaking, employers are responsible for any damages that occur while their employees are acting within the scope of their job duties. 

2. Professional pet sitters have experience and training.

As long as you turn to a reputable company, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your cat or dog sitter has undergone extensive training and knows how to handle all kinds of scenarios that can arise when looking after animals.  

3. Professional pet sitters are available 24/7.

Even if your friend owes you a favor, having them stay at your home or stop by three or four times a day is asking a lot. There’s also no guarantee that they’ll be available the entire time, so you may need to enlist the help of two or even three friends to ensure your pets are well cared for the entire time you’re gone. When you hire a professional sitter, on the other hand, you won’t have to worry about their availability, even on holidays, nights, or weekends. 

4. Professional pet sitters can provide a variety of services.

In addition to feeding, walking, and playing with your pets, professionals can bathe, groom, and train them. They can also provide emergency care if needed, as well as coordinate with your vet and administer medication. 

5. Professional pet sitters can handle pets with special needs.

If you have an animal with special needs, whether they’re elderly, sick, or disabled, you’re going to want to be sure you leave them in good hands. Seasoned sitters are capable of providing any extra care and attention your pets need to stay healthy and happy while you’re gone.

6. Professional pet sitters are affordable.

The cost of hiring a professional pet sitter varies depending on the services you need and the length of time you’ll be gone. In most cases, though, the cost is comparable to what you may already pay your friend as a gesture of gratitude. 

7. Professional pet sitters are flexible.

Whether you want the sitter to stay at your home or you prefer to send your pets to their place, you get to choose the arrangement when you hire a professional. 

8. Professional pet sitters are responsive. 

When a friend watches your pets as a favor, they’re inevitably doing so around their own schedule. As such, they may not send updates as often as you like or respond promptly to any concerns you have about how your pets are handling the separation. Professional pet sitters, on the other hand, know being responsive is part of their job, and they always make time to keep clients in the know. 

9. Professional pet sitters are compassionate.

Professional pet sitters love animals and take their job seriously. They know how to connect with pets of all temperaments, so even if your animals take a while to warm up to people, you can rest assured they’ll be comfortable with a professional.

10. Professional pet sitters are reliable. 

Professional pet sitters are committed to providing quality care. They will show up on time and provide the services that you have requested. And if some kind of emergency keeps them from working, the company will provide another sitter. 

If you were to use a friend, on the other hand, and something came up that prevented them from sitting, you would be on the hook for finding an alternative. 

Use ESP Pet Specialists the Next Time You Head out of Town 

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Your pet deserves the best possible care from a true pet care professional. Evan Perlman is the owner and lead pet specialist at ESP Pets. After an early start with a local doggie daycare, Evan's love of working with pets culminated with his appointment as program manager providing pet services for United Airlines at Newark Liberty and O’Hare International Airports. The entrepreneurial bug then bit, and ESP Pet Specialists was born! View Profile

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