Hey there! My name is Eva and I would love to tell you a little about me!

There are three things that matter most in my life. My family, music, and my love for animals. Other than being a musician, I have enjoyed any opportunity I have gotten to work with animals. I worked for a groomer for 4 years before COVID hit. It wasn’t until the middle of 2022 that I found ESP PETS.

Ever since I started, I have fallen in love with the job! Getting to meet so many amazing clients and building a bond with their fur babies have made every day so special. I care for every cat and dog as my own. Always making sure they are comfortable and happy, just like I try to make sure to do for you, the owner!

I am so grateful to work for Evan, as he is an amazing boss and a trustworthy guy. You have to have a big heart to be a part of this company and that is one of the reasons this gig is so special. Looking forward to meeting you and your fur kid!

ESP Pets

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