Your Pets are Our Family

ESP PETS, we believe every pet is part of the family. You feel the same, so we work hard to provide a personalized experience for your pets that goes beyond what anyone else can offer! From dog walking, to in-home pet sitting, or private boarding services, whether on an emergency basis, during vacation time, or just because being home alone too much stresses them out, Your furry friends are always made top priority at ESP Pets!

What We Do

At ESP PETS, we know every animal is different. No two pets have the same needs, personality quirks and dispositions. Before care begins with a new client’s pet(s), our team will meet you to craft personalized service plans that are sure to please everyone in your household! If your furry friends are ready for some quality time, take a look at all of the services available in Cedar Grove by visiting us online or giving us a call today!

Why ESP Pets for Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, and Boarding in Essex Fells?

ESP PETS is a trusted and reliable company, who will take care of your loved ones when they need it. Don’t worry about what time of day it is or whether you’re at home – our trained staff members are always available to help! Contact ESP PETS today for all the caring pet services you want (and need!).



Our company has been built on relationships, reliability and trust. We know this is a huge decision. Rest assured that ESP Pet Specialists is the knowledgeable choice when it comes to selecting a dog walker or host for your furry friend!

You’ve just found the answer to your pet-sitting dilemma. We’re committed to your satisfaction! Maplewood’s most trusted company has your dog walking, pet sitting, and pet boarding needs covered with a 5 star rating.



We believe in the power of relationships. Our team builds a rapport with you, your pets, and your family because relationships matter the most to us!

Our pet specialists are true pet care professionals! They have been with us for years and know all about your pets’ likes and dislikes! You can trust them as if you were talking to an old friend because their knowledge is unparalleled in this field.

At ESP Pet Specialists, our motto is “Your Pets are Our Family”, and we mean it!



When you have a pet, finding the time to take care of it can be tough. But ESP Pet Specialists is always there for your furry friends! Our team works on weekends and holidays too so that we’re never out of reach when the need for pet care arises. Give us a call today if you need help with dog walking, pet sitting, or boarding services in Maplewood.

Of course you want to know who will care for your furry family members when you’re unable to. This means getting acquainted with TWO of our pet care specialists, so that one is able to take over should something happen to your primary on any given day. We offer the highest level of reliability!



Trust is our cornerstone! Before anyone enters your home or is entrusted with your pet, they undergo an extensive criminal background check, and negative information will disqualify an applicant. Rest easy knowing we screen for  exceptional candidates with GoodHire.

As a trusted and legitimate business, we are fully bonded and insured to protect your precious investments. Just ask, and we’ll show you proof of all coverages!

You can relax knowing your sensitive financial information is safe online when you make a payment with us; We are PCI compliant.

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